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Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs, University of Maryland
Miller administration building

Leadership Areas

Academic Planning and Programs

We provide guidance and oversight for a variety of academic administrative functions, including academic programs and courses, academic partnerships, and university accreditation.

Academic Program, Course, and Unit Approval Process

Academic units planning to create, modify, suspend, or discontinue academic programs must follow the campus Programs, Curricula, and Courses (PCC) procedures for review. Proposals to create, modify, or discontinue individual academic units must also follow PCC procedures. Individual courses are approved or modified by a different process: the Course Approval (VPAC) process. Important: even if an explicit statement in a program proposal indicates that a specific course will be modified, whether it is a change in restriction or the addition of a prerequisite or corequisite, a course modification proposal must also go through the regular course review process and approved before that statement can take effect.

Academic units that want to create, modify, suspend, or discontinue a program or course must use the online CourseLeaf Curriculum Management System (a.k.a. CIM, pronounced Kim). Please see our CIM help page for more information.

Proposals to create, modify, or discontinue academic units (such as departments or colleges) are not handled via CIM. Please contact our office at for more information about submitting these kinds of proposals.

For more information

Will Reed

Assistant Provost for Academic Planning

Mike Colson

Senior Coordinator, Academic Programs