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Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs, University of Maryland
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Approval Routes and Deadlines

All proposal types must go through the following approval steps:

  1. Departmental PCC Committee(s)
  2. Department Chair(s)
  3. College PCC Committee(s)
  4. Dean(s)
  5. Academic Affairs (Office of Academic Planning and Programs)

The remaining steps in the review process vary by proposal type. The table below indicates the proposal route based on proposal type. In cases were a program proposal has significant resource implications, the proposal will be reviewed by the Academic Programs Advisory Committee (APAC) as part of the Academic Affairs review. Changes to undergraduate Limited Enrollment Programs will be reviewed by the Enrollment Management Team as part of the Academic Affairs review. In some cases, a curriculum change may be considered "substantial" and warrant review by the University Senate, President, University System of Maryland (USM) and Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). Some program modifications may be handled "administratively," meaning that the Office of Academic Planning and Programs will approve a proposal, in consultation with the Senate PCC committee, without requiring a formal presentation to the Senate PCC committee.

Generally, proposals that require off-campus review by USM or MHEC require University Senate and Presidential approval. For these proposals, the Office of Academic Planning and Programs will submit the proposal to the University Senate, USM, and MHEC. When the proposal is ready to go to USM and MHEC, our office will reshape the proposal to fit the format and content elements required by MHEC.

Campus PCC committee meeting reviews require presentations, and the University Senate and Board of Regents Education Policy and Student Life Committee meetings require a departmental or unit representative to attend in order to answer any questions about the proposal. For details on proposal review time frames, see our PCC Calendar and Proposal Review Deadlines.

The PCC calendar is available as a shared Google calendar under the name "Campus PCC Calendar."

PCC Calendar and Proposal Review Deadlines