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Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs, University of Maryland

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Approved Proposals

Approved Programs & Proposals

Approved Academic Program Inventory, as of June 14, 2024:

Enter any part of a proposal title, such as the PCC log number, program name, degree type (e.g., Master of Professional Studies), or just a single word (e.g., Cinema) in the search field below. 

The PCC log number's first two digits generally indicate the academic year when the proposal was proposed (for example, 03008 was proposed in the 2003-2004 academic year), although the proposal may not have been approved that same year. 

For all of the proposals approved in a particular year, enter the academic year (YYYY) in the Year Proposal filter field to the left (e.g., for a proposal approved in 2018-2019, enter 2019).

For University of Maryland community members, opening a proposal file will either open a PDF file of the proposal, or if it is an older proposal, a link to a UMD box folder that contains the PDF file. Only University of Maryland community members have access to UMD box files. If you need an accessible version of the PDF file, please contact For those outside of the University of Maryland community, please contact for proposal files (please indicate if an accessible version of the document is needed). 

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