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Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs, University of Maryland


Facilities Space Request

Existing space must be utilized as effectively as possible in order to support desired growth. Any activities that require additional space should be addressed first within a department's current allocation, then within the school or college. This form is to be used for requesting additional space outside of current allocations including new, renovated, and leased space.

After submitting the electronic space request form, the request will be routed for review by Academic Facilities and Facilities Planning for follow up as needed to confirm all necessary information before a recommendation for space assignment is made for final approval by the Provost.

Create Space Request

Fill out the form to submit a space request.

Process Overview

Actor Steps Taken

1. Requestor

Steps Taken
  • Confirms with their college or division that they may begin the space request process
  • Submits electronic space request form

2. Reviewer

Steps Taken
  • Members of the Academic Facilities or Facilities Planning staff (as appropriate) follow up with requestor to confirm details of the requested space needs and timeline

3. Sponsor

Steps Taken
  • Request is reviewed by dean or division leadership to confirm scope is in alignment with college, school, or division goals

4. Reviewer

Steps Taken
  • Ensures that the application is completed and that all information is accurate and includes all pertinent details
  • Attaches a formal written endorsement and recommendation for review by senior leadership
  • Reviews and submits the form for review and approval

5. Provost Review

Steps Taken
  • Provost reviews scope, timeline, and budget details

6. Facilities Planning

Steps Taken
  • Assigns approved space in building inventory

This table shows the processes for making a space request. 

Additional Information

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