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Academic Planning and Programs

We provide guidance and oversight for a variety of academic administrative functions, including academic programs and courses, academic facilities planning, academic partnerships, university accreditation, and the administration of College Park programs at the Universities of Shady Grove.

Betsy Beise is the Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Programs.

Academic Program, Course, and Unit Administration

We provide guidance and oversight for academic program, curriculum, unit, and course changes. We also provide guidance and oversight for unit reviews. For information on program, curriculum, or unit changes, please consult our PCC information. Information on course policy can be found on our VPAC website.  The system for submitting course and program proposals is the CourseLeaf Curriculum Management (CIM) system.

For more information, contact Mike Colson, Senior Coordinator for Academic Programs

Academic Facilities

Our Academic Facilities office coordinate renewal and renovation of general purpose classrooms and other academic facilities, including working with personnel in the deans' offices; in Facilities Planning; in Facilities Management; and with the Teaching Facilities Committee (TFC).

For more information, contact Hilary Gossett, Assistant Director for Academic Facilities

College Park Programs at Shady Grove

We administer a robust portfolio of University of Maryland programs at Shady Grove, the University System of Maryland's state of the art regional center in Montgomery County, Maryland. For information on College Park program policies/procedures and contact information, please consult our UMD at USG Guidebook.

For more information, contact Michelle Marcellino, Director, College Park Programs at Shady Grove

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