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Fall 2026 - Spring 2027

Semester Calendar 2026-27

First Day of Classes August 31st (Monday)
Labor Day September 7th (Monday)
Thanksgiving Recess November 25th (Wednesday)

November 29th (Sunday)

Last Day of Classes December 11th (Friday)
Reading Day December 12th (Saturday)
Final Exams December 14th (Monday)

December 19th (Saturday)

Classes Begin January 4th (Monday)
Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday January 18th (Monday)
Classes End January 22nd (Friday)
First Day of Classes January 27th (Wednesday)
Spring Break March 14th (Sunday)

March 21st (Sunday)

Last Day of Classes May 13th (Thursday)
Reading Day May 14th (Friday)
Final Exams May 15th (Saturday)

May 21st (Friday)

Commencement - Main Ceremony May 24th (Monday)
Commencement - College/Department Ceremonies May 25th (Tuesday)
Commencement - College/Department Ceremonies May 26th (Wednesday)
Sessions I and I-A Begin June 1st (Tuesday)
Session I-A Ends June 17th (Thursday)
Juneteenth Holiday June 18th (Friday)
Session I-B Begins June 21st (Monday)
Independence Day Holiday July 5th (Monday)
Sessions I and I-B End July 9th (Friday)
Sessions II and II-C Begin July 12th (Monday)
Session II-C Ends July 30th (Friday)
Session II-D Begins August 2nd (Monday)
Sessions II and II-D End August 20th (Friday)