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Stop ARS Faculty Appointment Processing

July 23,2013

In order to allow enough time for pending ARS appointments to be reviewed/approved by the Provost's Office and generate an ARS Approval ID, effective COB today no new appointments should be created in ARS. Transactions created after 5pm on 7/23/2013, will not be approved in ARS due to time & volume constraints. Faculty appointment transactions will still require an ARS Approval ID in PHR until 7/26/2013. 

Beginning 7/27/2013, the requirement for an ARS Approval ID will be turned off in PHR, allowing faculty appointments to be processed in PHR without an ARS Approval ID and with the current one-step routing. PHR faculty appointments can be processed in this manner through 8/10/2013.

Beginning 8/12/2013, the ARS-PHR Merge will be implemented and PHR faculty appointments will utilize the enhanced faculty functionality and tiered routing.

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