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Move of Category Status 03 Non-Lecturers to Category Status 15 Appointments

March 13, 2008

The move of Category Status 03 Non-Lecturers to Category Status 15 appointments was completed this morning in ARS and PHR. All Category Status 03 Non-Lecturer appointees have been moved to Category Status 15 appointments in ARS. The purpose of this change was to accommodate budgetary efforts to set salaries in the Budget and have these pooled positions move to individual position numbers.

When appointing individuals to Category Status 03 Lecturer titles you should continue to use the Pooled Position numbers as listed on the ARS Web site.

If you have any questions about the new Category Status 15 appointments in ARS, please contact Siemy Khan, x53405 or

Procedures for Establishing a New Position Number for Faculty:

If your department is in need of a new Category Status 15 position number, you should follow the normal procedures for establishing any individual position number for Faculty: 

  1. Process the PHR Position Management Report on WOW to ensure you have no vacant position numbers available for your department. If vacancies exist (meaning there are no employees appointed to a particular position number), you may request the position number be changed to reflect the needs of the new position. (Please contact your budget officer to ensure this change is appropriate.) 
  2. If no vacant position numbers exist for your department, you will need to request a new position number. To do so, please see instructions on Faculty Position Numbers.
  3. The department will be notified of the new position number.
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