University of Maryland   
Strategic Planning 2007-08
CORE Major Initiative Committee
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Committee Organization, Charge, and Useful Documents

*Committee Membership
*Committee Charge

*CORE Recommendations from the Summer 2006 Retreat
Report of the follow up group on retreat recommendations concerning General Education
*Excerpt From Middle States Self Study Report
Section of the 2007 Self-Study Report that deals with CORE

*State Requirements
From Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13B.06.01.03 and COMAR 13B.02.02.16D
*Current CORE Program Description
*CORE Learning Outcomes Expectations
Approved October 6, 2005 by the University Senate CORE Committee
*Promises to Keep: Pease Committee Report, September, 1987

*CORE Sustainability Resolution
Passed Unanimously by the Student Government Association; December 5, 2007
*Ad-hoc CORE Group Report
Prepared September, 2007

*General Education in the 21st Century
Report on General Education from the University of California System; April, 2007
*Report of the Task Force on General Education
Harvard University; Faculty of Arts and Sciences; 2007

*Reports and Models From Other Institutions
UCLA General Education Program and UCLA Freshman Cluster Program
Duke General Education Program and Duke First-Year Seminars
Penn State General Education Program
University of North Carolina Program
University of Illinois Program
Columbia University Core Curriculum

*Documents From Meeting of December 7, 2007
Slides Summarizing Several Models prepared by Betsy Beise
More Details of State Requirements prepared by Phyllis Peres