University of Maryland    Strategic Plan: Working Document
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
A. Where the University of Maryland is Headed Still to be written
B. Plan Development and Organization

II. Vision, Mission, and Values

III. The University Today
A. The 2000 Plan: Goals and Achievements Still to be written
B. The Middle States Self Study and Reviewer Recommendations Still to be written
C. Strengths and Opportunities
D. Threats and Challenges

IV. Specific Vision, Goals, and Strategies

A. Strategic Priorities
a. Undergraduate Education
b. Graduate Education (also a Major Initiative)
c. Research, Scholarship, and the Creative and Performing Arts
d. Partnerships, Outreach, and Engagement

B. Major Initiatives
a. The General Education Program
b. Graduate Education
c. International Programs
d. The Surrounding Community

C. Critical Enablers
a. Faculty and Staff
b. Infrastructure and Academic Support
c. Resource Allocation and Administrative Efficiency
d. External Relations, Development, and Communication

V. Implementation, Evaluation, and Communication Still to be Written

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