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The Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Planning & Programs provides guidance and oversight of proposals for academic program, curriculum, course and unit changes at all stages of the approval process. We are available to help with:

  • Academic program changes, including the development of new degrees, certificates and minors, curriculum and procedural changes to approved programs, establishing an existing program in new locations, including the Universities at Shady Grove, and the renaming or elimination of existing programs.
  • Course changes, including new course proposals, course modification proposals, and course retirement proposals. Please see our VPAC course proposal information.
  • Unit changes, including moving or merging academic units, creating, renaming or dividing departments or colleges, and establishing centers.
  • Unit reviews, including advising on the schedule, policies, and procedures for the unit review process.

We strongly recommend that all program and unit proposals be discussed with this office as early as possible to identify any potential challenges and to ensure expedient progress through the approval process.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.

Elizabeth Beise, Associate Provost for Academic Planning & Programs

Mike Colson, Senior Coordinator for Academic Programs

Academic Planning and Programs
1122 Main Administration Building (office)
1119 Main Administration Building (mail)
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Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Planning & Programs



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